in diversity
A privilege &
a responsibility
Education for
a kinder world


Start a rewarding career in healthcare

At AHSI, our approach to education is driven by our commitment to quality, humanity and sustainability. We live and deliver to these values. In today’s fast changing world, many jobs will not be around in the next decade. We design and offer courses with the future in mind. We specialise in healthcare and community based courses, as they will dominate the global needs of the future. We equip students with the skills required for future job opportunities and we believe that the learning outcomes are just as important as the employment outcomes.


In everything we do,
think or perform, every day


Commitment to a better,
more tolerant society for all


Looking after planet Earth
as individuals & a community



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The Future of Aging

Improving early child development

Protecting the safety & wellbeing of children

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AHSI Study Tours are short term travel designed for groups of international students who want to make the most of their trip learning General English and seeing the best Sydney and its surroundings have to offer. Sydney is a melting pot of cultures, foods, languages, lifestyles and traditions from around the globe.We cater to a wide range of group types, interests and sizes as they have been designed for high school and university groups. Individuals may register their interest and will be contacted with details of upcoming tours. Our tour group size could be from 10-25 people...

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